I'm Danielle.19.future soldier.horror freak. physical anthropology student, aiming for phd in forensic anthro. goth(toned down the style alot for the army,unless its the weekend!) feel free to talk to me! (i would love conversations about your thoughts and opinions on anything or i'd be more than happy to be the person you go to for venting :] )  instagram: danielledisasterous (let me know if you followed me on there so i can go follow you back)
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when you and your friend get so bored you start fighting each other in a car and fighting with fake practice knives that look real, causing people who walk by to be freaked out, thinking we are trying to kill each other lol.

man i am bruised as hell on my wrists and ribs and sore all over.

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In Focus: Hubble’s Hidden Treasures

Last March, the operators of the Hubble Space Telescope launched a competition, inviting amateur astronomers to dig into hundreds of thousands of images of outer space, helping discover hidden treasures and bring them to light. Yesterday, NASA and the European Space Agency announced the winners in both categories: image processing, where entrants composed their own images based on Hubble data, and image search, where entrants simply uncovered amazing images not previously released.

See more. [Images: NASA/ESA, Josh Lake, Andre van der Hoeven, Luca Limatola, Ralf Schoofs]