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i would love to do special forces…………………i dont know why i would like too…………..

but i cant. cause im female and my body wont be capable of handling it physically. can i be male?

when i see girls in the gym with make up and hair all nice looking……i always wonder why the fuck are they in the gym? 

no sweat, no gain in anything. not even toning.

dont come to the gym looking like a barbie. the gym is where you sweat a pool, not where you are trying to look nice and shit and all you do is the lightest weights possible..  x.x WOMAN you are taking up the freaking space for the people who actually go to workout

so annoying to see that shit.  

i leave for my physical on monday have it on tuesday morning woooo!! 

hopefully the counseling part goes well and it will be easy as pie.

i hope to have a ship date real soon!! (only been waiting 10 months!)

i can’t even explain how excited i am for a physical and to get that lovely ship date!

i’ve been waiting for so long to get into the army, and i don’t understand how i never lost my motivation to constantly train on my own for running, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups must be because of my lovely friends in the marines who constantly sent me texts saying “never give up, you got this, it will get easier, i’ll train with you, i’ll teach you, ect” everytime i told them how my own exercising was going.

looking back to when i did my enlistment papers i couldn’t even do 1/2 a mile without feeling like i was dying, now i’m running up to 8 miles without stopping. i couldn’t even do a push up back then now my max is between 35-45 push ups until my arms give out, back then i could barely do 60 situps, now i am doing 100 or more with a 35lb weight, surprisingly i still don’t have abs, but if i flex you can see somewhat of a form of abs…., and now i can also do 5 pull ups/chin ups, where as in october i couldn’t even pull myself half way up.

as well as on other note i use to be 5’3 back then in high school from the doctor’s office, dmv, school p.e examines and when i first got measured for my papers…..now i’m 5’2………..and i asked to be measured again three times to see if it was a mistake……but nope….i lost an inch in height. and i’ve gained quite a bit of muscle as well as dropped 12lbs over time somewhere over the months don’t know when lol.

so um, hell to the fuck yes look at that improvement!