I'm Danielle.19.future soldier.horror freak. physical anthropology student, aiming for phd in forensic anthro. goth(toned down the style alot for the army,unless its the weekend!) feel free to talk to me! (i would love conversations about your thoughts and opinions on anything or i'd be more than happy to be the person you go to for venting :] )  instagram: danielledisasterous (let me know if you followed me on there so i can go follow you back)
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when you come home from a long shitty day and your dog sits there, perfectly still, staring you down and literally has a staring contest with you… with these adorable puppy dog eyes and a wagging tail…….then jumps you when you take your shoes off. 

this is a dog that is up to my hip. and weighs a lot………..(half German Shepherd, half husky)

i fucking love my dog